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Network Observability

network observʹabilʹity (n) 1. The ability to answer any question about your network.

Observability is for the Network, too

We have infrastructure we care about. If you’re reading this, we imagine you do, too. Infrastructure can’t exist without networks, and networks shouldn’t exist without observability. We launched Kentik Labs to help you learn about, share and integrate network observability into your full-stack observability efforts.


We aim to work alongside developers and SREs to level-up skills, democratize network observability and keep infrastructure running.


Projects we open source are designed to help build an observability community who can be fearless in the face of performance and UX issues.


We meet you where you are. We partner with tools you already use so that projects we share can be instantly integrated and helpful.


Grafana App

Real-time, internet-scale ingest and querying of network data (NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, BGP, GeoIP, SNMP).

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Kentik Lite

Kentik in a box. Grab data via PCAP from your host, view it in Grafana via Prometheus.

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Kentik’s high-performance host and sensor network probe (PCAP).

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The Kentik Firehose. A system for pulling and pushing network data.

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Scalable, asynchronous, implementations of low-level network diagnostics including ping, trace and a custom diagnostic we call knock.

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AWS-native binary signing, storage and delivery service.

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